If you decided to spend the rest of your life together you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. (Harry and Sally)

Our intricate handcrafted weddings cover everything from conceptualization and design to organization and operation. At Wedding Planery we pay attention to every minuscule detail to ensure that your dream wedding will be uniquely beautiful, rigorously organized and tastefully stylish.

At Wedding Planery we are both exclusive and global. Our clients are distinctively selected, to ensure that your wedding remains truly unique. At the same time, our internationally experienced team and network ensures that you have access to the finest service providers and resources, in order to guarantee that you can achieve everything you have ever dreamed of and more.

Whether you’d love to get married at one of the most stunning cities or pristine beaches, at a luxury hotel, or a nature reserve a little further afield, let us take care of everything while you remain as relaxed and present in the moment as you possibly could be. Known for our fresh and innovative approach to boutique wedding planning, we can provide an unparalleled level of service.

Our multinational team is located around the world. We are cosmopolitans with a potent imagination and a creative sense of style.

Kerstin Prokop

Kate Prokop

Austrian born Kate (neé Kerstin Prokop) earned a Master in Communciation and Media studies as well as a Bachelor in Marketing and Advertising.

Having infused hundreds of weddings and events with taste and elegance, she has mastered a unique intuition for weddings unparalleled in the field. She combines the European style and service to create the ultimate and unforgettable wedding experiences for clients from across the globe.

Kate knows the importance of individual planning. Being a successful planner requires patience and listening skills, thinking outside of the box, having a “can do” attitude, as well as great industry relationships and organizational skills.

Her commitment, attention to detail, and the ability to organize all the aspects of a function, has resulted in hundreds of successful events over the years. She believes that nowadays, couples no longer only look for a passive old fashioned wedding planner, but a proactive wedding “designer” who is capable of bringing new wedding trends, inspirations, as well as innovative ideas into their wedding.


has many years’ experience as an expert in event planning, as well in the field of gastronomy. She speaks Spanish and English fluently and has spent a year in the United States with Kate.



lives in New York and takes care of planning and organizing weddings in the United States. She has been a part of the Wedding Planery since the very beginning. Together with Kate, she is also responsible for numerous events and conferences in New York. Her legal background helps international bridal couples with contracts and negotiations.