The time has come: your best friend is engaged and full of anticipation for the big day.

While the bridal couple to be is preparing everything for the upcoming wedding, it is one of the bridesmaid’s or the best man’s duties to plan the bachelor/bachelorette party.

No less than the wedding itself, the bachelor/bachelorette party needs to be planned well – only the well-planned ones will be remembered forever! A bachelorette party can also be celebrated less wildly than you might expect. Over the last few years, bridal showers and bridal parties, which originally came from the United States, have become more popular in German-speaking countries. Bridal showers are reunions where friends of the bride-to-be, sisters, the mother and mother-in-law, aunts and colleagues get together to celebrate the upcoming wedding. The original idea behind bridal parties was to support the wedding financially. From here it became a custom to surprise the bride with a small present during the bridal shower.


Planning the bachelorette party

To plan an unforgettable bridal shower, far removed from the classic kitsch, can be time- consuming and also expensive. Furthermore, the bridesmaids and best men are preoccupied with the planning and not able to enjoy the party to its fullest.

So why not simply get support from an expert, let them design an individual concept and just have fun together, without worrying about anything?

During a first, free of charge consultation we can discuss your wishes, expectations and budget, and create the perfect concept for every occasion.

Whether a comfortable spa stay with surprises, a week in Las Vegas or a fancy dress party, let us plan your bridal shower and enjoy a night, weekend or week with your beloved ones!

How to plan a bachelorette party

It is important to know what the bride likes. What does she feel comfortable with and what makes her happy?

If she likes to travel, nothings stands in the way of a girls trip to a foreign country. If you want to stay closer to home, there are many wonderful ways to celebrate in your home town or in your country.

With comic props, shirts, hats or a photoshoot you can plan for one or more highlights


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