We offer our service to perfection. Along with our internationally experienced team you will choose from the best service providers in the world. Wedding Planery promises integrity, innovation and passion in all our plannings. We are proud to plan, organize and perform each and every customized ceremony to the highest level of personal and professional service.

What does Full Service mean?

After the first consultation we design a customized plan for the wedding – from the invitations to the giveaways, the guest service and aftercare. The extent of the planning is open and evaluated via an initial questionnaire and a personal talk. No two weddings are exactly the same and accordingly our offers are individual and adapted to your wishes and ideas.

What does a Full Service Wedding Planning include?

  • Location search:
    We will find the location(s) which match with your wishes and ideas.
  • Design concept:
    After choosing the location we create a design concept, like a red thread for your wedding.
  • Budget control:
    We create a wedding budget to keep track of your money.
  • Service providers:
    We find the correct service providers for your wedding, take care of negotiations and check the offers.
  • Coordination:
    We create and take care of your procedural plan and coordinate not only your ceremony, but also the service providers and everybody who is involved.
  • Assistance:
    We are available for appointments and inspections, and also as the contact person for service providers, guests and the bridal couple on your big day.
  • The day before the wedding:
    We plan, coordinate and organize a get together for the guests the day before the wedding.
  • Guest assistance:
    Our international team will take care of your guests, from hotel recommendations to the guest shuttle.
  • Presents:
    We help with surprise gifts and gladly help with the wedding list as well.
  • Honeymoon:
    We’ll find the perfect location for a fantastic honeymoon.


We’ll accompany you as you define the way you have always imagined your wedding to be: bring your ideas to life and customize your ceremony in every detail. Use our Full-Service-Planning, Part-Planning or simply have a consultation. Our experienced team will advise you and manage the budget and the planning process, so you will feel well-supported and secure during the whole of the preparation and planning phase. We work within the timeframe and we’ll always keep an eye on your budget too.