Breathtaking landscapes, fantastic beaches and a warm, pleasant climate create an incomparable wedding setting in Thailand.

We’ll accompany and support you through the planning and organization of your dream wedding in Thailand. Travel as just the two of you or with a big wedding party – it’s your decision. We enable you to enjoy the anticipation to the fullest and to look forward to your special day, relaxed and stress-free.

Thanks to our experience and our contacts we are able to support you at the following islands and locations: Khao Lak, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe and Krabi.


Choose what you decide is the most attractive ambience from enchanting locations. You will receive the most professional advice tailored to your individual wishes. From the invitations to the menu, the styling and decoration to taking care of the formalities, bridging the language barriers, and the honeymoon-suite and accommodation for the guests: everything will be taken care of and implemented according to your requirements.



Costs for a Wedding in Thailand

Besides the marriage registration fees, which have to be paid at the registry office on-site, you will have to submit a few documents in Thailand for translation and verification.


Documents before the Wedding
ca. 600,- €
Documents after the Weddingca. 500,- €

Travel Costs

Travel costs vary depending on travel time and duration of stay. Through our long-standing cooperation with our partners we are able to provide incomparable offers.

Costs at a Resort / Hotel

Most of the hotels offer many different packages which vary depending on the size of the group. You can mostly choose between a wedding with a more western style or a Buddhist style. An English speaking celebrant performs the ceremony, which usually takes place at the beach. Usually the packages include flowers, the ceremony itself and a small champagne reception.

For additional services such as a reception, music, cake, photography and videography, stylists and so on, we’ll gladly support you according to your wishes.

If the ceremony is to be equivalent to a “legal” wedding, there has to be a registrar present to sign the documents.

Wedding packages in resorts/hotels usually start at €2.000.

Marrying on a Yacht or Private Estate

A wedding on a remote island, a yacht or a private estate is something very special. These are generally ceremonial and not legal weddings. Your wishes can easily and individually be designed and therefore make the whole thing more personal and unique.

Information for Austrian citizens can be found here (LINK!). Information for German citizens can be found here.

What you need for the wedding:

  • Passports
  • Certified copy of the passports (the part with the picture is sufficient)
  • International certificate of no impediment (cannot be older than 6 months from your wedding day)

If divorced or widowed you will additionally need:

  • Divorce decree (in individual cases it can be required by Thai registrars)

If the prior wedding was less than 310 days before the planned wedding day in Thailand, the bride has to submit a pregnancy test to the authorities in Thailand. The result has to be negative (no pregnancy). This rule counts for ending a prior marriage through divorce or death of the husband.

Date of the wedding

Legal weddings are basically possibly during the week and on weekends (providing the availability of the local registrar)

The Process

  1. At the beginning we clarify the possible wedding date for you, to make sure that the wedding in Thailand will be legally valid at home. For this you will need an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from your national embassy. This applies to German and Austrian citizens.
  2. Meeting together makes it possible to get to know you better, to discuss your wishes and expectations and to create an individual offer for you later on.
  3. On your special day we’ll take care of picking you up from your accommodation and we’ll bring you to the wedding location by boat or other transport.
  4. The wedding consists of two short questions from the local Thai registrar to the bridal couple, plus the signing of the wedding documents. Usually this takes no longer than a few minutes. We therefore recommend that, of the two, you prepare the ceremony to be more decorative.
  5. If you are planning a ceremony on an island, we recommend for financial reasons (registrar’s travel) performing the formal part at the local registry office and then having the ceremony on the island.
  6. On your wedding day we will pick up the register excerpt from the responsible civil registry office and send it to the relevant embassy in Bangkok. The embassy will affix the necessary authentication (known as ‘legalization’) and your marriage documents will be translated into German as well. The completed documents will be sent directly to the bridal couple by courier (this usually takes 14 days).


Getting married in foreign countries is easier than you think, because single bridal couples can easily get married abroad with just one trip to the registry office. If you need a birth certificate or a certificate of no impediment for your wedding, your residents registration office can, in many cases, issue them as international forms.